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The Secret Garden (Large Format Photography)

Pixel dimensions : 18353 x 18863
Megapixels : 346
Location : Columbia River Gorge Portland Oregon USA

Oneota Gorge. In order to get here, one has to negotiate a 50ft high wet log jam which can be extremely dangerous. There were a few instances where I completely froze with fright whilst considering where next to put my foot to proceed on. I got there in the end carryin gmy equipment and managed to capture this in stunning high resolution.
Notes : Ultra large format, Unusual green slot canyon
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Please choose mounting / finishing options

HD Metal Prints

Printed directly to aluminium sheet using a heat infused dye sublimation process which results in slightly less definition than acrylic face mount. Thinner side profile results in a less substantial look. Stunning, vibrant colors, extremely durable, fire and scratch resistant and 100+ year color stable. Overall excellent more budget friendly choice for the float mounted contemporary glass look.

HD Acrylic

Printed to a fine art metallic photographic paper resulting in exceptional clarity and detailed together with shimmering reflective colors. Polished edges for a great and substantial looking side profile. Less scratch resistant, 100+ year color stable. The ultimate contemporary glass like look.


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