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Piedmont Park Evening Skyline (Large Format Photography)

Pixel dimensions : 41229 x 20898
Megapixels : 861
Location : Atlanta Georgia USA

The Atlanta skyline as senn from Piedmont Park as the sun sets. Captured in super high resolution at over 800 megapixels making it perfect for very large installations
Notes : Ultra High Resolution, Over 860 Megapixels
Purchasing : Please contact us for pricing or licensing options
Please choose mounting / finishing options

HD Metal Prints

Printed directly to aluminium sheet using a heat infused dye sublimation process which results in slightly less definition than acrylic face mount. Thinner side profile results in a less substantial look. Stunning, vibrant colors, extremely durable, fire and scratch resistant and 100+ year color stable. Overall excellent more budget friendly choice for the float mounted contemporary glass look.

HD Acrylic

Printed to a fine art metallic photographic paper resulting in exceptional clarity and detailed together with shimmering reflective colors. Polished edges for a great and substantial looking side profile. Less scratch resistant, 100+ year color stable. The ultimate contemporary glass like look.


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