Pixel dimensions : 26166 x 8965 | Megapixels : 234
Location : Umbagog Lake Maine USA

The drive from Portland, Maine to Montreal was not what I expected it to be at all. It starts by going through small towns, single track roads and sometimes right in the back and beyond. Things start to get interesting as you enter the White Mountain National Forest area where there are many state parks and stunning scenery to take in. On this particular journey, the weather was bleak with occasional rain, however, I always had an eye open for a possible photo opportunity. Just as a small break in the rain happened, I caught sight of this lone tree out on this incredibly still and serene lake. The entire scene was completely calming with a peaceful feeling of solitude. The clouds were low, creating an eerie mist in the background trees. I pulled over and quickly set up my gear knowing that heavy rain could come anytime soon. I managed to get set up and get most of the way through the shot before the rain came at which point I finished the shot under the umbrella.
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